Best Diving Spot Indonesia

best diving spot indonesiaAs a maritime country, Indonesia certainly has a lot of diving spots. Starting from the western tip of Indonesia to the eastern end, which of course in each place has a very distinctive natural scenery. It is not surprising if there are many divers who come from all over the world to enjoy the natural beauty. In addition, the underwater biota in Indonesia is a complete jug and very rarely found in foreign countries. There are even some diving spots that are crowned by UNESCO’s natural heritage. However, if you want to do diving, you must have a special license due to the safety factor in the sport. By enjoying the beauty of various underwater biota directly will certainly be a tremendous sensation. Morotai island is my best diving spot Indonesia that can be your destination on vacation. Here are others:

1. Pulau Weh, this one island is in ACEH and has been quite famous has had an extraordinary underwater beauty. The western tip of the island is that there are a lot of four diving. Weh Island also has a lot of diving areas that are certainly accompanied by the stunning underwater scenery of the island. There are about 20 areas that you can visit in this one place. Therefore, it is not surprising if Pulau Weh is one of the best diving spots for international divers. It is certainly because of its underwater beauty that will make many people marvel. Especially coral reefs and various types of fish are still very natural.

2. Alor Islands, NTT. This one archipelago has a truly extraordinary underwater beauty. Alor Island is one of the best diving places in Indonesia. This one archipelago consists of about 20 islands. And from the islands, there are 30 dive sites with a completely different natural scenery. In this place, you can play with sea Hiota like reef shark, Turtle and others. The shark in the place is already tame, so you don’t have to worry if you want to play with it.

3. Halmahera, located in North Maluku, is a triangular heart of the world’s coral reefs. North Halmahera is entered into one of the coolest diving places in Indonesia. This one place has also been crowned as the heart of the world coral reef triangle. Also, the famous waves make this one location a favorite place for people who want to do diving. You can dive and see a variety of underwater biota. Also, the coral reefs here will later serve as the home of the fishes.

4. Thousand Islands. This thousand islands are located in the province of Jakarta, which is certainly a alternative to the diving place for people in the capital to calm themselves amidst the bustle of the capital. There are about 101 clusters of islands that will be able to pamper the Mataserta can make the thought of being fresh again. Especially if your time is not so much, you can go briefly to the Thousand islands and can have a very beautiful view of the sea biota. There is also a professional diver who will always be available to keep you safe.